Whether you utilise your current bathroom or en-suite or if you decide to create a new area  within your home, a Wetroom can be a practical and beautiful option. Utilising a pre-formed shower tray that fits flush with your floor you can create a showering area without a visible tray or the restrictions of a full enclosure or over-bath shower.


The trays are set into your existing floor and the edges of the room and corners sealed with a flexible latex coated tapes and the floor then fully “tanked” with a latex compound to ensure that the whole area is fully waterproofed prior to tiling.


We have been designing and supplying Wetrooms for several years and have considerable experience with their secure installation.


Wetroom Repairs

Additionally, in recent years we have gained considerable experience in repairing badly installed Wetrooms where incorrect materials and methods have been used. These usually manifest themselves when water or damp appears in other rooms next to or below the Wetroom. Often this can be remedied with minor repairs although sometimes the installation is so poor it may require a complete overhaul. Either way we can help.

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